3 Fun Strategies for Filling Your Summer Schedule

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Filling your Summer schedule can be challenging. With families going on vacations and routines changing, it’s often hard to keep the appointment book full.

However, with a bit of creativity and targeted outreach, summer can become a productive and profitable season for your practice. Here are three effective strategies for filling your summer schedule and ensuring your practice remains busy during the warmer months.

ONE: Engage Families with Children (Fun Incentives for Check-Ups)

One of the best ways to keep your practice bustling during the summer is by focusing on children. As school is out, parents have more flexibility to schedule appointments for their kids. Targeting children between the ages of 5 and 18 who haven’t been seen in the last six months can significantly boost your summer schedule.

To make these appointments more appealing, consider offering a fun incentive. A great idea is to give every child who comes in for a check-up a blow-up beach ball. This small, colorful gift not only excites children but also adds a fun, summer-themed touch to their dental visit. 

Here’s how you can implement this strategy:

  1. Generate a List: Use your dental practice management software to create a list of patients between 5 and 18 years old who are overdue for their appointments.
  2. Personalized Outreach: Send personalized emails or make phone calls to the parents of these children. Highlight the importance of regular dental check-ups and mention the special summer gift each child will receive.
  3. Social Media Promotion: Share this offer on your social media channels to reach a broader audience. Create engaging posts with images of the blow-up beach balls and happy kids to attract attention.

By turning a routine dental visit into a fun summer activity, you can encourage more parents to schedule their children’s appointments.

TWO: Prioritize School Teachers (Summer is Their Time)

School teachers often struggle to find time for dental appointments during the busy school year. Summer, however, is their time off, making it the perfect opportunity to focus on their dental health. Generating a list of teachers who need treatment or cleanings can help with filling your summer schedule.

To cater specifically to teachers:

  1. Identify Potential Patients: Use your database to find patients who are school teachers (search by employer or insurance groups) and in need of a visit.
  2. Special Offers: Consider offering a special discount or package for teachers during the summer months. This could include special courtesies on treatment or complimentary services like fluoride treatments.
  3. Direct Communication: Reach out to these teachers via personalized emails or phone calls. Highlight the convenience of scheduling during their summer break and the special offers available to them.

By showing appreciation for teachers and accommodating their schedules, you can build goodwill and ensure your practice stays busy.

THREE: Launch a “Summer Smiles” Whitening Campaign 

Summer is synonymous with outdoor events, vacations, and social gatherings, making it a perfect time for people to want their smiles to look their best. A targeted summer whitening campaign can attract a wide range of patients looking to brighten their smiles for the season.

Implementing the “Summer Smiles” campaign can be straightforward:

  1. Campaign Planning: Develop a promotional plan that includes special pricing for whitening treatments during the summer months. Create eye-catching promotional materials that emphasize the benefits of a bright, white smile.
  2. Marketing Materials: Use your website, social media channels, and in-office posters to promote the “Summer Smiles” campaign. Highlight before-and-after photos of whitening treatments to showcase the potential results.
  3. Incentivize Referrals:Encourage your existing patients to refer friends and family by offering an additional discount or reward for each referral that results in a whitening treatment.

By capitalizing on the desire for a dazzling smile during summer events, you can attract both new and returning patients to your practice!

Summing it up…

Filling your summer schedule doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By strategically targeting children and their families, accommodating school teachers, and launching a compelling whitening campaign, you can ensure that your practice remains busy and profitable throughout the summer months. Implement these strategies, and watch as your appointment book fills up, keeping your practice thriving during the summer season. Don’t forget to have fun, too! To discuss your practice’s specific needs, book a complimentary clarity call with us!

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